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16th Edition of the International Beach-Ultimate Tournament of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2015)

Finally TIBU is here again.  Could you imagine next February? Cold, tired of wearing coats and scarfs, tired of playing Ultimate with running tights? The light at the tunnel’s end is here to help you, the XVIth TIBU!!. On February 20th, 21th and 22th, We have changed the date of the tournament on March 6th, 7th and 8th. At Las Alcaravaneras Beach, under Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s sun.

You will have:

  • 3 days of Mixed Beach-Ultimate, HAT tournament.
  • Accuracy – Mojito style.
  • Round-Robin format with 9 teams.
  • Food & drinks on the beach.
  • Saturday’s night dinner.
  • Party and carnival, always.
  • A good time with nice people throwing the disc.

For the sixteen edition of Las Palmas Beach Hat Tournament we’ll not change the basics, we’ll just try to have again three days of good Ultimate with nice people in a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully good weather.

Info & deadlines:

  • Sign-in till December 7th.
  • Accepted players and waiting list on December 10th.
  • Payment till December 31th.
    • Gold Option:  3 stars Hotel with breakfast, 120 euro Triple room and 130 euro Double.
    • Premium Option: Hostal, shared room. 90 euros.
    • Free Option: No Accomodation, 55 euros.

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 Entry list

Ainhoa Cano Martín
Alberto Rodriguez Ferreiro
Alberto Suero
Alejandro Hernández Díaz
Alexis Martin Rodriguez
Álvaro brito Wildpret
Atis Tirma
Andi Buser
Headless II
Angel García sevilla
Atis Tirma
Alberto Sosa Rodríguez
Antonio Jesús
Aoife Kieran
Atis Tirma
Carlos Carmona
Atis Tirma
Carlos Machado Álvarez
Carlos Oropesa Hernández
Atis Tirma
Carmen Castro Viera
Malditos Bastardos
Chetan Padia
Thundering Herd
Christoph Stoffel Boettcher
Daniel Durrif
Daniel Muz
David Díaz
Malditos Bastardos
David Navarro Molina
Atis Tirma
Diane Davis
Diego López Cortés
Eduardo Jiménez Feria
Elvio Hernández Suárez
Malditos Bastardos
Fabio Tenegi Sanginés
Malditos Bastardos
Fayna Garcia Caceres
Francisco Gonzalez Reyes
Atis Tirma
Frank Blume
Air pussies
Gara diaz peña
Gonzalo Rodriguez Rufino
Malditos Bastardos
Hermann Kaser
Thundering Herd
Honza Neuzil
Atis Tirma
Iciar Hernandez
Jacquelyn Koester
Javi Perez
Jose Urrutia del Pino
Malditos Bastardos
Juan Christmann
Lisbon Ultimate
Juan Manuel Vila Ramirez
Atis Tirma
Judith Wiederkehr
Budwig Neuchâtel
Keiko Nagayama
Kory malone
Quijotes y Dulcineas
Lidia campos garrigos
Atis Tirma
Lucas Klein
Quijotes y Dulcineas
Atis Tirma
Macarena Garrido Bedwell
Budwig Neuchâtel
Marcel (Claudia Pfeil)
Marco Durrer
Red I’s
Mariona Isern Subich
Marta Atis
Atis Tirma
Matthias Ritter
Dresden Deckel
Meike Kretschmar
Air pussies
Atis Tirma
Nayra Vega Suarez
Neil Crane
Coventry University
Nieves Viadero
Atis Tirma
Nira Albardiaz Lorenzo
Malditos Bastardos
Atis Tirma
Octavio Gonzalez Martin
Atis Tirma
Oscar moreno navarro
Atis Tirma
Pablo González Olivera
Atis Tirma
Atis Tirma
Ricardo Márquez Ravelo
Rina Martin
Rodrigo Arratia
Quijotes y Dulcineas
Romina Martin
Ruben Sancho
Atis Tirma
Salomé Garcés Nebot
Atis Tirma
Sergio Torres
Atis Tirma
Stefan N
Wall City
Susana M.Batista
Atis Tirma
Uwe Schmid
Atis Tirma
Víctor Raúl Pérez Morales
Yaiza Ramos


– Hotel Astoria (Gold Option)
Calle de Fernando Guanarteme, 54, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas
(+34) 928 22 27 50

-HiTide Surf Hostel (Premium Option)
Paseo de Las Canteras, 57, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas.
(+34) 928 91 86 55


Not available


Here are some information about what to do after arriving to Las Palmas. There are some changes respect to the other years, so this information is also interesting for players coming not the first time to Las Palmas.

  1. Important directions
  2. Arrival at the airport
  3. Welcome Party and Team Lottery
  4. Tournament place
  5. Fancy Dress or Costume Party (after friday dinner)
  6. Saturday Dinner & Party
  7. Maps

In case of Emergency:

  • Angel: (+34) 619 530 739
  • Carlos: (+34) 629 635 023

This information will be available in pdf format (but not yet).

1.- The most important directions

Playa de Las Alcaravaneras

Hotel: Astoria, Fernando Guanarteme, 54

Hostel: HiTide Hostel, Paseo de Las Canteras 57

Welcome Party & Team Lottery (Thursday night): Not available yet.

Costume Party (Friday night): Not available yet.

Saturday Night Fever (Saturday night): Not available yet.

2.- Arrival at the airport:

Las Palmas Airport is a little bit outside of Las Palmas (16Km), so you have to take the bus or a taxi.

The taxi should cost 30 – 35 &euro to the hotel, but we recommend the bus (guagua in canarian) because it´s cheap and easy to manage. Follow those instrucctions:

You will arrive at Terminal A. Take the moving stairway to the upper level (departures floor, desks 40-91). Take the next exit to the rgth. In the terminal exterior, you can see the bus-stop on your right at 50m.

You have to take the guagua Nr.60. It goes straight to Las Palmas. The guagua leaves more or less every half an hour. Timetable is available at http://www.globalsu.net/lineas/linea60.pdf.

You have to leave the guagua in SAN TELMO, the biggest underground bus station in Las Palmas (20 min from the airport). The guagua will stop just in front of the exit of the bus station. Go down the 5 or 6 stairs, now you have two possibilities:

1) Taxi:

Follow the tunnel until the end, turn right and go up, you will find yourself vis-a-vis of at least 10 taxis. The taxi to the Hotel Igramar Canteras costs more or less 5 €.

2) Bus:

Turn immediatly to the right and go upstairs, there you´ll find another bus-stop. Take the Nr.17 (the yellow city busses). It costs 1,40 €.

The bus will go a while closed to the sea, then after passing the yacht harbour and the tournament beach, it turns left in Mesa y Lopez Street, (the big shoppingmile). There the bus goes straight ahead and turns into a roundabout with a big sculpture in the center. Now you can press the stop-button, because the next stop you have to leave the bus.

3.- Welcomeparty & Teamlottery:

Not available yet.

4.- Tournament:

Not available yet.

5.- Fancy Dress or Costume Party (After friday dinner)

Not available yet.

6.- Saturday Night Dinner & Party

Not available yet.

7.- Maps

Not available yet.



Here some facts about the 16 Torneo Internacional de Beach-Ultimate de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • 8 teams
  • Round Robin Format
  • Accuracy Competition – mojito style
  • Saturday Night Dinner
  • Fruits, Softdrinks, Water and more things for free on the beach
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • High Level Ultimate

Deadline for paying the playersfee is 31-Dec-2014, don’t forget to pay the taxes!

Bank account

Bank name: Bankia
Account: Asociación Gran Canaria de Disco Volador (Ultimate)
Account number: 2038-7192-88-6000058630
IBAN: ES02 2038 7192 8860 0005 8630


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